Viola Spolin is the internationally recognized originator of Theater Games – the basis of improvisational theater. Along with her son, Paul Sills, Viola Spolin created the techniques utilized by the cast of Chicago’s Second City as well as every other improvisational comedy troupe ever since.

A Profile of Viola Spolin by Carol Grey NPR 1994


Her work is recognized by many sectors of society outside the theatrical circle. It is a respected and cherished tool for directors, educators and psychologists and has benefited many, in their everyday lives, who have been exposed to it. INTUITIVE LEARNING SYSTEMS offers this work to all who express an interest in it at every level.

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We Love You Valerie Harper!

Valerie Harper has been on our advisory board since our inception. She has been a supporter of our work promoting Viola Spolin’s Improvisational theories and we are deeply saddened to hear of her terminal diagnosis.

Valerie will always be with us and her life and work are prime examples of what our mission is all about. We wish her the best and our prayers are with her.