2018 International Tour

I’ll be offering a variety of workshops this year.

Jan. 23rd, Hoopla! Guest Teacher – London

Jan. 27, 28  Improvment 2-day workshop – Helsinki, Finland

Feb.  3rd GBImpro – Gothenburg, Sweden      April 6, 7, 8  Hosted by Improv Theatre Company – Sydney, Australia

April 11 – 15, Impulse Theatre, Christchurch, NZ,    April 17 – 20 Impro Mafia, Brisbane, Australia,  April 24 – 28  Just Improvise,  Perth, Australia

June 5 – 10,  Mount Olymprov International Improv Festival, Athens Greece.

The skills learned in improv class are ultimately life skills.
Be more spontaneous   ♦   Enhance your collaborative skills  ♦  Learn new ways to communicate   ♦

Become more confident   ♦   Learn about yourself   ♦    Meet new people

But most important… Have fun!!

Through my workshops you will learn how to be more spontaneous, find new ways to communicate and most importantly, learn how to adapt to ever-changing situations, your fellow players and your environment.

I am available to travel to your city to teach. Visit  

More information: call Gary at 425-831-5667