SPOLIN GAMES ONLINE – A free online video library of examples of the theater games of Viola Spolin, played by students, professionals and coached by Viola Spolin and Gary Schwartz

INTUITIVE LEARNING SYSTEMS  A nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring, expanding, and promoting  the work of the Mother of improvisation – Viola Spolin.

IMPROV ODYSSEY  Workshops and training  for business and other groups using the applied improvisational method of Viola Spolin

GARY-SCHWARTZ.COM  Improvisation workshops with the foremost student of Spolin techniques.

“[Gary Schwartz] is the most gifted student of the Spolin Exercises in America today; Gary Schwartz is the one, uniquely trained player, who learned Improvisational game playing by sitting at the very side of Viola Spolin and observing her uncanny ability to evoke the INTUITIONAL genius of her students. Gary will share this theater “magic” with you with gusto. And you too will discover the healing power of playing Theater Games and, possibly, experience their transformational powers of releasing (accessing) your Intuition as well.” Robert K Greene, husband of Viola Spolin (Greene)

PAUL SILLS WISCONSIN THEATER GAMES CENTER / SILLS/SPOLIN THEATER WORKS   It is the responsibility of Sills/Spolin Theater Works to maintain the improvisational theater tradition of Paul Sills and Viola Spolin and to preserve and share their unique vision of American theater.

VIOLASPOLIN.ORG – This  is the official site created by the estate of Viola Spolin. Great never before seen photos and an in-depth biography

THE SPOLIN PLAYERS  – The last group to be directed by Viola Spolin herself. performing in Los Angeles and around the country since 1988.




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